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What to Wear: California Dress Code

Everywhere you go in California- people seem to be in a relaxed state. This is probably because they basically live in vacationland. With that said it’s not a surprise that the California dress code is somewhat relaxed as well. On the street in Southern California, people are usually wearing shorts, board shorts, sandals, sunglasses, and a tank top.

Beach casual would be the term or dress code most commonly used while traveling in California. In Los Angeles and on the streets of California you do nit necessarily have to worry about matching your colors, or matching your patterns you can take a more individualistic approach with your style. Have you seen the celebrities walking around in Los Angeles? However, California has many high class places as well which would require a more dressy attire.

When going to a classy restaurant- no jeans, no bare shoulders, and close toed shoes is best. So a smart casual or casual chic is best.

Overall, a west coast style favors a relaxed and natural look over a complete pulled-together look. Part of dressing like a California native is keeping a calm and casual attitude about your attire.

California Dress Code

What Dress Codes to wear:



Casual Chic

Smart Casual

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