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Smart Casual Attire: Dress Code Foundation Description

smart casual attire

[smahrt kazh-oo-uh l uh-tahyuh r]


This is a clean, neat, and polished look in high quality fabrics. Smart Casual is a “dress to impress” style.  The idea of smart casual is to have a cohesive “look” that is not necessarily all matching pieces. One can wear a mix of structured and relaxed pieces within a look. This dress is similar to Business Casual, however it is specific to social events. Fabrications include wool, stiff cotton, denim, and linen.

  • For men: Skinny jeans or light colored trousers, a polo or collared shirt, and loafers. This look can include a blazer or jacket. Accessories include a pocket square, and a tie.
  • For women: Straight pant or jean, blouse, blazer, and low heels or flats. This look can include a pencil skirt, wrap dress, or shift. Accessories include minimal jewelry, a silk scarf, and a structured or soft shoulder bag.
  • For gender neutral: Light pants, blazer and light collared shirt with flats.
  • “Don’t worry, it’s okay to wear jeans for this smart casual event.”

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