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  • What is Dresscodeable?

    Dresscodeable is your one-stop destination for dress code explanations. New content will be added daily so you will discover something new...

    AboutJess LorenFebruary 25, 2016
  • What to Wear: Bridal Shower

    There are questions that had solid answers in the 1950s, that no longer are quite so clear in this day and...

    Dress Code AnswersdcadminFebruary 2, 2015
  • What to Wear: Cocktail Attire

    Of all the occasions for which one might wish to “dress up”, the Cocktail Party is one of the few that...

    Dress Code AnswersdcadminSeptember 14, 2014
  • What to Wear: Evening Wedding

    In the spectrum of wedding events, formality tends to build as the day goes along. While every wedding is different, morning...

    Dress Code AnswersdcadminSeptember 14, 2014
  • What to Wear: Summer Casual

    In the days of “Mad Men”, there weren’t the same challenges for defining what was work attire as we face in...

    Dress Code AnswersdcadminAugust 5, 2014
  • What To Wear: Black And White Party

    What to wear to a Black and White Party…hmm…. How about black and white?? Black and White parties are very classy...

    Dress Code AnswersdcadminDecember 27, 2013