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Casual Attire: Dress Code Foundation Description

casual attire

[kazh-oo-uh l uh-tahyuh r]


To dress casual  is to be relaxed and unconcerned about dress code. This is informal dress, that showcases personal preference and comfort. Think everyday, daily, daytime, easy. Relaxed fabrics such as cotton, denim, linen, in simple flowy or tight shapes are part of this dress code. Color is an expandable option, up to personal and event preference.

  • For men: A V-neck basic tee shirt, preferred jeans, and sneakers. Accessories can include a hat and a backpack.
  • For women: A crew neck basic tee shirt, cargo pant, denim coat, and flats. Accessories can include minimal or pop jewelry, a soft style handbag (hobo, or shoulder bag), and a scarf.
  • For gender neutral: A V-neck basic tee shirt, jeans, with flats.
  • Modifier adjective: informal attire
  • “This party is super chill, so make sure you’re in casual attire.”

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