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What to Wear: New York Dress Code

New York Dress Code, oh New York, the place where dreams come true and where you’ll get judged for wearing last year’s Jimmy Choo’s. Just to be safe- the dress code is nice in New York. Yes, people in New York dress relaxed but overall New Yorkers are people who like to look nice, stylish and well put together.

A decent pair of jeans, nice leather boots, a collared shirt and a nice dark wool jacket works well for men. 

Women lend well to sticking to business suits, tailored pant or skirt ensembles, and dresses.

Basically- casual chic is the dress code while in New York. Men make sure your clean cut and clean shaven and Women make sure you clean cut as well. On the weekends, New Yorkers sometimes dress in a formal wear. With important events and galas to go to, dressing formally is the way to go.

New York Dress Code

What Dress Codes to Wear:

Casual Chic


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