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What To Wear: Evening Party

Do you have a friend that is hosting a party on a Saturday night and you have no idea what to wear? Well you should stick to the “Evening Casual”, “Semi-Casual” and “Cocktail” attires to find the perfect outfit! Back in the day, you had to fight for your right to party. Thankfully, things are a little easier now. But that doesn’t mean you should slack off on your clothing choices: stay sharp with “Evening Casual,” “Semi-Casual” and “Cocktail” styles. You wear dressy clothing but not too dressy. You don’t have to wear a night gown or full tuxedos. The key is to put together a comfortable yet still somewhat dressy outfit. Again, the color black is important to wear because black is chic, classy and timeless. 

What Dress Codes to Wear:

Evening Casual


Semi Formal

What Not to Wear:

Anything Showing Too Much Skin

No Short Skirts or Dresses

No Cleavage

No Sneakers

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