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Semi-Formal Attire: Dress Code Foundation Description

semi-formal attire

[sem-ee-fawr-muh l, sem-ahy-]


Semi formal is all in the name: “semi” which is indicative of almost formal. Fabrications include wool, silk, and taffeta.

  • For men:  This code includes a dress shirt with a matching blazer/jacket with dress pant, and wing tips or dress shoes. Accessories can include a tie, bow tie, pocket square, and suspenders.
  • For women: A shift dress with some nice pumps. Similar to cocktail attire, but more formal. Accessories can include a clutch handbag, fine and costume jewelry, and a wrap.
  • For gender neutral: A suit with matching pants to jacket with flats or heels.
  • Modifier adjective: black tie semi-formal
  • Vogue was calling her this season’s hottest semi-formal attire designer on the Paris runways.”

When called for “Black Tie Semi Formal” this is giving you the option of going either black tie, or more semi-formal. You can choose from a cocktail dress to an evening gown, or from a suit to a tux.

  • For men:  A tuxedo with black dinner jacket, and pants with a silk side stripe and lapels, black bow tie, with a white dress shirt, cummerbund. A sophisticated black suit set is appropriate. Can also be in a navy color. Finish with monks or dress shoes. Accessories may include a bowtie, pocket square, and cufflinks.
  • For women: A ball gown, or evening gown in black, or other colors. The idea for women is that the dress can be floor length or cocktail dress length. The right pumps will tie it all together. Accessories may include a clutch handbag, fine or costume jewelry, and a wrap.
  • For gender neutral: A tuxedo style suit with flats or pumps.
  • Modifier adjective: black tie, semi-formal

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