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Jacket Attire: Dress Code Foundation Description

jacket attire

[jak-it l uh-tahyuh r]


Jacket attire refers mostly to men letting them know the establishment requires a suit jacket or blazer, and possible tie. The jacket does not have to necessarily be a full matching suit, however must be tailored and crisp.  This also is helpful for women as an indicator that she should wear a smart casual to cocktail look. Fabrications include wool, and linen.

  • For men: Collared dress shirt with a fitted blazer. Add a tie if you please. Loafers or driving shoes should work. Accessories may include a tie, pocket square, and cufflinks.
  • For women: Short dresses; and skirts with a nice blouse. Add preferred pumps or even a kitten heel. Accessories may include costume or fine jewelry, a wrap, and a clutch or small shoulder handbag.
  • For gender neutral: A neutral pant with a jacket which does not have to match with a flat shoe.
  • Modifier adjective: jacket preferred, jacket required, jacket and tie required, smart casual, cocktail
  • “The Maitre D offered Jack a jacket from the restaurant’s personal wardrobe. He didn’t realize the restaurant required jacket attire.”

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