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Cocktail Attire: Dress Code Foundation Description

cocktail attire

[kok-teyl l uh-tahyuh r]


It is as it sounds, dress for an early night of drinks. This is more formal than casual attire but not as conservative as business attire. Fabrications include wool, silk, and stiff cotton. Jeans and shorts are not appropriate. Add a bit of flare for this dress code.

  • For men: Collared dress shirt with an optional jacket. Add a tie if you please. Oxfords or monks will do the trick. Accessories may include, a pocket square and cufflinks.
  • For women: Short dresses; and skirts with a nice blouse. Add preferred pumps. Accessories may include a clutch handbag, fine or costume jewelry, and a wrap.
  • For gender neutral: A matching suit in a neutral colors with heels or flats.
  • Modifier adjective: dressy
  • “Be sure to be in cocktail attire for cocktail hour for cocktails. No pun intended.”

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