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Business Casual Attire: Dress Code Foundation Description

business casual attire

[biz-nis kazh-oo-uh l uh-tahyuh r]


Similar to Smart Casual in look, however, it is strictly for business dress. Like Smart Casual, a “dress to impress” mentality is the thought. Colors are neutral, and fabrics are crisp and pressed with a soft edge in cotton, linen, silk, and wool. The outfit items have to be cohesive but not matchy matchy.

  • For men: No suit, but dark jeans are okay. Think chinos with a relaxed fit collared shirt or polo. Sweaters, blazer, and cardigans are also good options. Add a pair of monks. Accessories may include a backpack, or soft briefcase.
  • For women: Nothing shiny. Silk blouse with dark jeans or pencil skirt. Add some closed toe pumps. Accessories may include a handbag, backpack, soft briefcase, minimal or costume jewelry, and a scarf.
  • For gender neutral: Pants in a light color, with a light colored shirt. Shoes should be flat.
  • “When he showed up to the office in his ripped jeans, he realized it was not business casual attire.”

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