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Business Attire: Dress Code Foundation Description

business attire

[biz-nis uh-tahyuh r]


Professional dress on a daily basis where a suit is expected. Fabrications include wool, tweed,   or linen in a structured, tailored and fitted style. Colors are neutral with black, and navy being the most used.

  • For men:  A suit where the jacket matches the pant with a proper collared shirt and tie. A pair of oxfords will seal the deal. Accessories may include a structured briefcase, pocket square, and belt.
  • For women: A suit where the jacket matches the pant or skirt. A dress in suit fabrication is also acceptable for women as long as it is knee length. Classic pumps required. Accessories may include minimal jewelry, structured purse or briefcase, hosiery and a silk scarf.
  • For gender neutral: A matching suit in neutral color, with a flat shoe.
  • Modifier adjective: professional attire, business informal
  • “Looking sharp and feeling good in her proper business attire, she impressed the investors.”

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