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What To Wear: Work Party

Have a holiday work party to attend? Or just a work party in general? Well we can help you with picking out an outfit for that. When attending a work party you should wear classy formal clothes rather than your daily work attire. For a work party that will be fancy you should probably stick to the dress codes “Black Tie” or “Semi- Formal”. For work parties that are a little more relaxed, you should stick to the dress codes “Cocktail” or “Evening Casual”. The main item of clothing for cocktail apparel is that little black dress ladies!

What Dress Codes to Wear:

Black Tie (When Appropriate)

Semi Formal (When Appropriate)


Evening Casual

What Not to Wear to a Work Party:

Anything Showing Too Much Skin

No Short Skirts or Dresses

No Cleavage

No Sneakers

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