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What To Wear: Country Club Luncheon

When attending an event at a country club it is expected that you dress a certain way. There are a lot of ways of dressing that can be considered inappropriate so you want to stick to the dress codes “Country Club Casual” or “Preppy”. Think preppy. It’s comfortable while still being classy. Polo’s are key- basically anything with a collar is key. The concept “country club casual” used to refer to clothing worn during the day and only on the grounds of the country club. Of course, the definition has changed over the years, but it is still considered something that adds more lively traits to a normal business casual. It is also a category that men and women’s clothes do not differ in many ways.

What Dress Codes to Wear:


Country Club Casual

What Not to Wear to a Country Club Lunch in:

Anything Showing Too Much Skin

No Short Skirts or Dresses

No Cleavage

No sneakers

No T-Shirts or Jeans

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