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What To Wear: Gala

Going to a Gala is usually a big deal.

Gala’s are pretty fancy so you have to stick to a strict dress code.

You can’t be sloppy. For an event like a Gala, “Black Tie” should be a safe bet. If it’s acceptable, also try “Cocktail” and “Formal.” When you hear the word “Gala,” chances are you think of the word “fancy,” and your instincts are correct. However, just because galas are fancy and allow you to break out the red-carpet dresses doesn’t mean you should pull a Lady Gaga and get all meat dress-y. Get creative with your elegance, but don’t go full Lady Gaga. The words “Dress to impress” really come into play when dressing in black tie apparel. Dress your best so you turn everyone’s heads but also keep it classy.


What Dress Codes to Wear:

Black Tie




What Not to Wear:

Anything Showing Too Much Skin

No Short Skirts or Dresses

Not A Lot of Cleavage

No Sneakers

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